Saturday, March 3, 2007

V/A - Rhein-Main-Sampler Cassette (Selektion SC 1) 1980

Another cassette compilation on Selektion, the first on the label. As with the other Selektion cassettes, Rhein-Main-Sampler was originally released on the Wahrnehmungen label.

I particularly like the first two tracks by P.D. and Der Letze Tango. Other artists appearing are: Kurzschluss, Rogalli, 6.094 (w/ Lisa von Licht Pause), LLL and others. Also appearing is a track by Elektrozange, an early project of Achim Sczepanski who would go on to head Force Inc./Mille Plateaux Records.

The music here is pretty similar to the other Selektion compilation posted the other day. If that, or the Vanity label are your thing, check this one out too....

Hopefully, there'll be two more Selektion tapes ready to post this weekend....


Update: Here is a link to another compilation cassette on Selektion - Offene Systeme, posted by dorfdisco braunsfeld who runs another fine music sharing site.

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