Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Brave New World - Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley LP (Vertigo 6360 606) 1972

Normally I wouldn't post a release on a label as big as Vertigo. But this LP, one of my favorite albums of the Krautrock scene, appears to have never been reissued. Seeing that so many bands, most of whom were marginal at best, are having their back-catalog reissued, it is a mystery why this one keeps slipping under the radar.

I found out about this album from the book, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. That book became, to me and a few friends, a bible of sorts. We discovered all these records we never heard about or at least what they sounded like. We each made our own lists of what we were after. Brave New World and a few others I will post this week (Bits, A La Ping Pong...) were on mine.

I was lucky to pick this one up not too long after the book was published, so the price wasn't too steep yet. Recently, I've seen this fetch $300+ on eBay!

Speaking of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, there is an abridged version of the book on-line, but restricted to the years 1967-1980. Here is their description of Brave New World:

A short-lived Hamburg based project, featuring Irishman John O'Brien-Docker (formerly of City Preachers and Marcel) and jazzer Herb Geller, along with a few top local rock and pop musicians. Brave New World's whole oeuvre was the concept of the Aldous Huxley science fiction novel. An unlikely "supergroup", and remarkably the music they created was unprecedented and original. On their LP, Brave New World blended styles, in such an unlikely manner, hinting at the music later created by the likes of Art Zoyd or Univers Zero. Virtually instrumental, blending medieval musics, electronics, jazz and rock in a dazzlingly complex fusion, a big step beyond early Between, with the Krautrock feel of Annexus Quam, Achim Reichel, Tomorrow's Gift, et al. And, dig that over-amplified stylophone! An all-time Krautrock classic.

Dicky Tarrach (drums, percussion), Lucas Lindholm (bass, bass fiddle, organ, piano), Herb Geller (flutes, cor anglais, alto/soprano/tenor saxes, organ), Reinhart Firchow (recorders, flutes, ocarina, stylophone, percussion, vocals), John O'Brien-Docker (guitars, organ, percussion, vocals, wind chimes), + Esther Daniels (vocals)
This is a vinyl rip. Unfortunately there is a bit of crackle in some of the quieter parts.


Electric Voodoo said...

Thanks a bunch for this this is one of my favs too ... Lov your blog

Matt Castille

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is a forgotten gem out of the german vertigo label. Beautiful record!