Sunday, March 4, 2007

LLL - Hoffnung Cassette (Selektion SC 2) 1980

...and one more Selektion cassette this evening.... This is the first of two cassettes by LLL that appeared on Wahrnehmungen, and the only one released on Selektion. One side of their other cassette, Schlagt sie tot! was reissued by Vinyl on Demand as part of their Wahrnehmungen 1980/1981 3LP Boxset.

LLL (aka Joachim Pense) made a few other appearances on compilations and also as source material used by P16D4 including a track on one of my favorite compilations from the 80's - Bruitiste.

When I archived all of these cassettes a while back this one initially stood out the least to me. Now after listening to them all again, I think I enjoy this one the most.

Four of the five tracks are over 10 minutes long and most are very stripped down in their instrumentation (electronics, bass, keyboards, location recordings...). As a whole this tape is similar to Vanity label. One track (B1) especially reminds me of Tolerance and perhaps Cranioclast's longer ambient pieces.



finn said...

Um, I see you've tagged the individual tracks with text from the insert, but I don't think it's a track listing -- it says:

"Dear Listener! For your cash you receive Headache, Nausea, Boredom, & the Hope of a better World"

Tho I suppose "NauseaBoredom" is as good a title as any :-).

Thanks for the upload, I always dug their section of Bruitiste.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

FINN - thanks for the translation.

Perhaps there are actually only 4 tracks and they are:

Hope of a better World


herr Ärmel said...

thanks a lot for this fine Selektion releases and the vanity stuff also. I posted months ago the Offene Systeme compilation (Selektion 10) into the dorfdisco.

all the best
herr Ärmel

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

herr Ärmel: thank you for contacting. I remember seeing this posted somewhere but couldn't recall exactly where. I will add a link to it on a couple of the Selektion posts.

Thanks for posting Offene Systeme. This had been on my list of titles to post until I saw it was online already.

Salaried Man Club said...

Tolerance references (the very few) cause me to salivate. Thanks for the hint and all the uploads.
Keep up the minimal synth, the Vanity, and the Compilate frenzy.

-- The high quality rips are MUCH appreciated. Ugh, never go below 192.

Joachim (LLL) said...

Great Thing to find that cassette in the net I recorded 29 years ago! I don't have a copy myself (I could get one from Ralf I suppose, he's into storing and catalogizing etc.) Let's see when Rapidshare lets me in.

Joachim (LLL) said...

as for the tracks: finn's translation is correct; afair, the tracks do not have any names. Joachim