Thursday, March 15, 2007

Belle du Soir s/t 7" (M Squared M2011) 1981

This is my third attempt at finding a 7" not already posted or available on CD as a reissue. I was going to post a Monoton split 7", but the track has been reissued here. Then I thought about posting Frieder Butzmann - Valeska 7", but this was reissued on CD and has already been posted on a few sites. So, this 7" was the next in line....

The first track on this Bell du Soir 7" was reissued on the compilation Can't Stop It #2 CD - Australian Post-Punk 1979-1984. Since only one track made it onto the CD, I decided to post this so all 4 tracks can be heard.

Musically, I think they fall somewhere between Young Marble Giants and Mad Tea Party and probably many others, but these are the first that come to mind. An excellent, and very hard to find single.

The release date is a guess. I found little about this one on the web, and it isn't listed in



Curious Guy said...

Here's a list of the M Squared label. Seems you got it right with the release date.

p hymn-tone said...

Hey! Hat's off to ya, this is a real fav of mine. I'll be posting other M2 stuff as time goes on.
I've linked to yr blog as well...nice posts.


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

CG - thanks for the link. strange this only merits 3 out of 5 stars.

PHT - thanks for linking, I'll do the same. looking forward to your posts

Salaried Man Club said...

Mind posting that Monoton 7" because save for the Oral reissues in the past couple years, none of his stuff is available.
(That comp you pointed out is pretty unavailable itself.)

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

I've been told there are plans to reissue this 7" and other unreleased material from that era - possibly on vinyl.

I've been asked not to post any of the Monoton material on-line.

I will be stocking the reissues, and other Oral releases in the new future on the Atlantis Records web-stie.