Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SAB - Crystallization LP (Vanity 0002) 1978

This is the second Vanity LP, released in 1978. It is mostly synth/ambient music w/ a bit of piano, sitar and other instrumentation including a bit of percussion.

As the description from Music magazine below mentions, this could be considered pre-new age music, particularly side A, washy synths and a little piano... side B explores a little more and this is where most of the other instrumentation comes into play. This may be the one Vanity LP that sounds the least like any other. I think this is partly due to the instrumentation, the higher-production level of this album compared to some of the other Vanity titles, and possibly the musicianship of SAB & friends. Not mentioned below in the article is that SAB did a lot of the music on the Morio Agata LP for Vanity.

SAB: CRYSTALIZATION (Vanity 0002/LP/1978) A 19-year-old Sab produced this spacey-electronic music almost entirely by himself using multiple recording and such instruments as guitar, synth, and various electronics. Here, Sab creates crystal-clear electronic music comparable to Magical Power Mako, Kitaro, and the Sky label. Pre-new age music. Since this talented musician went to India, nobody has known his whereabouts.

Two tracks per side are listed, but I think it might be one on side A and three on side B. I have left the vinyl rip as two whole sides. Here is the tracklist according to the sleeve/label:

Side A
1. Yume-no-ishe
2. Marble

Side B
1. Menou
2. Agate



Salaried Man Club said...


What of the Vanity LPs have not been offered via the web? My guess:
0001 DADA Jyo
0009 NORMAL BRAIN Ready made
(Mutant Sounds mislabeled his post of the flexi disc as the vinyl LP, pretty this is still unavailable)

Atlantis Audio Archive said...


If I ever find the Dada LP, I'll post it. I may post the LP they did after the Vanity release some day.

I think the Agata LP was reissued on CD a while ago, so I've stayed away from that one.

As for Normal Brain, per your comment on it, I checked out MS's rip and at first also thought it was the flexi due to the file size. Once I checked out the tracks & lengths it looks like this is just side A of the LP and at a low bit rate (128K).

I'll check w/ MS and see if he wants to re-post the whole LP, or wants me to do it. I already have a 256K rip I did myself on my HD and can post more pix too.