Tuesday, March 20, 2007

V/A - Assemblee Generale Vol. 5 Cassette (P.P.P. 20) 1984

Here is a nice slab of music. It is volume 5 of the Assemblee Generale series, released in 1984 on the P.P.P. label. Like the last edition, the cassette is housed in a unique package - a fake slice of steak. Under the color print of the meat is a 44 pg. booklet & the tape resting in a styrofoam tray, all of which is contained in a ziploc bag.

The music is a good variety of diy/post-punk, industrial, collage, synth, etc... Some better known artists (John Duncan, Die Form, 1/2 Japanese, Tazartes...) and many lesser known. The booklet also contains mini-features (in French) on DDAA, Merzbow & Anne Gillis.

Here are descriptions of a few tracks:

Frederic Nilsen - Insecticide: Nice tape collage utilizing insect chirps, noise-based rhythms, spoken word samples and other sounds reminiscent of early Severed Heads and Greater than One. Nilsen was a member of Doo-Dooettes, Airway, B People, a.o., and one of the founders of LAFMS.

The Grief - Agoraphobie: Minimal synth track similar to Human Flesh or Bene Gesserit.

Suyama Kumiko - Tsukiyo no Shinkukan: Solo vocal & piano piece from member of legendary Japanese punk band Henshin Kirin. She also has a track on the Tago Mago compilation titled Paris Tokyo which will eventually be posted here.

John Duncan - Probe: Droning shortwave radio & noise collage.

Duppi - Hallelujah: If Steven Stapleton had actually been a young Japanese woman, the early years might have sounded a little like this. Duppi was the vocalist of Reform who released one cassette on Pinakotheca in 1982. Anyone have a copy of this to post???



Over The Moon said...

Many thanks for this, David.

I really look forward to hearing it.

Do volumes 1-3 actually exist as well?

Probably a stupid question.

I love these sort of compilations because I love John Duncan and 1/2 Japanese in particular.

You have quite an impressive collection of obscure "out" music. A lot of this stuff I hadn't heard of until I discovered Mutant Sounds two months ago.

Take care and thanks again.


ommyth said...

Brilliant! I actually had this back in the day, but it was lost to the vagaries of time, place, and coincidence...

Great to have access to it again.

Many thanks,


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

OTM - hope you enjoy. I assume there are volumes 1-3, but I don't own them. still looking....

OM - Enjoy....

samon takahashi said...

in complement to my comment on the Tago-Mago tape :
Suyama Kumiko also appears on SNX 3lp box compilation

Anonymous said...

Earlier volumes do exist, though I think were in much small editions, maybe only 50 copies. Volume 2 features Anode/Cathode, Harri Angel, Mental, Ruud Kluivers, Sluik, Die Form, Rob Van Wijngaarden, Les Chats, Wolfgang Wiggurs, Alien Brains, Ptose Production, Ericka Irganon, Christian Bitenc, Yo-Ran, and ZZE.

Eric L.