Sunday, February 18, 2007

DDAA - Prehistoric Rejet Cassette (Illusion Productions IP 014) 1983

Last for today is a 1983 cassette from French artists DDAA. Released on their own Illusion Productions label, the cassette is packed inside an ink-stamped paper envelope with paste-on artwork.

My favorite track here is 'Metal Weapons' - odd percussion, squeaks, bass, phasing fuzz guitar & keyboards. Much of the music on the cassette, at a glance sounds loose, meandering, perhaps sloppy, and this track is as 'tight' as they get from this long out of print document.

I'm looking for a few of their early cassettes & 7"s (see the side-bar top-right). Ideally, I'm always looking for original copies, but until any can be located, digital copies will suffice.

Also - for anyone interested, there is a copy of their 7" - "5E Anniversaire" on my Atlantis and GEMM sites (see sidebar).



Exeter said...

I have MP3 s of the DDAA stuff you are looking for, and could send you on email.

Laurent said...

Too good !

Exeter said...