Monday, February 19, 2007

V/A - Angelic Technology 2xCassette (Angakok AKT 010) 1986

'Angelic Technology' - two cassettes with a small booklet containing submissions from each artist. This is another favorite compilation of mine from Japan although it features many non-Japanese artists and released several years later than 'Foam'. I purchased this in the late 80's, probably via RRR Records who are still operating. I only wish I had purchased more cassettes offered back then that are near impossible to find these days.

I really like just about every piece on this collection - here are some descriptions of a few:

Pedro Javier Gonzalez & Feliu Gasull: Both contribute flamenco-styled guitar pieces which are quite uncommon on a compilation of this sort - a refreshing change.

Conrad Schnitzler - 'Untitled': This piece is actually titled 'Nummer 6' and consists of lo-key, yet frenetic factory-like movements with some synth bubbling in the background.

Haiginsha - 'CI Falt': Scraping drones similar to early Organum.

Merzbow - 'Enviromental Percussion #4': My favorite Merzbow track. Not a full-frontal noise accualt, but quite rhythmic. Can anyone comment on how other titles in this series sound, or similar tracks by Merzbow?

Asmus Tietchens - 'Hydro-Linear' pt.2': One of his many amazing pieces of recorded water/drain sounds.

HNAS - 'Was Wir 6': Somewhere between Organum & Tibetan bowl music. On of my top 2 or 3 tracks by HNAS.

Bene Gesserit - 'Les Flamme Del'efer': Minimal synth piece accentuated with French female spoken word & laughing.

DDAA - This might also be my favorite DDAA piece. Sounds like the entire track consists of
layers of vocals from melodic humming, vocal percussion noises & rhythms and a bit of talking/singing.

Haters - 'Fuechen': Honey look, cars crashing, over and over....

Enjoy tape 1
Enjoy tape 2


Tal G said...

The Merzbow track on "Three minute symphony" is also kind of rhythmic and lilting.

TMS is probably about the best intro to mid-80s industrial as the tracks by DDAA, NWW, Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh are some of my favorites by those artists.

Over The Moon said...

Love your blog! One of the best I have seen. Thanks a lot for sharing this music.