Thursday, February 22, 2007

V/A - Call of Cthulhu Cassette (Cthulhu CR 02)

Before I start the next phase of archiving pieces from my collection, I've decided to post this compilation that has been sitting on my hard drive for a while. Compared to everything else I've posted so far, this isn't anywhere near the others in terms of being a favorite of mine, but it does have a few interesting tracks.
Cthulhu records existed in the 80's/90's and aside from releasing many compilations, they put out albums by the likes of Vox Populi, Ain Soph, Club Moral and others. I am seeking the two cassettes by Vox Populi on this label - any help in locating original (or digital) copies is greatly appreciated.

This collection features not only Vox Populi & Club Moral, but also Le Syndicat (4 tracks), We Be Echo (2 tracks), Pacific 231 and others including Un-Kommuniti, the name Tim Gane went under before launching an indie-pop career as McCarthy (and eventually the well-known Stereolab).

The music on this release is primarily of the darker ambient/industrial sort.

Vox Populi provides 3 tracks of 'ritual ambient' music.

We Be Echo contributes two tracks that sound almost identical musically, but containing different vocal samples - not too interesting in my opinion.

Aside from VP, my favorite piece here is probably 'Ritual for Dago' by Ankh. Ankh was a collaboration between members of Pacific 231 & Le Syndicat. Their piece here contains a female voice accompanied by slowly percolating synth lines similar to Conrad Schnitzler.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogland,an excellent blog
you have here.
Thanks for assemblee 4 & cthulhu.
Also added a link to your blog.


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Many thanks Cranio,

Thanks for the kind words.
As you've probably noticed, I've also linked to your site.

I was about to start posting the Cranioclast & '...Red Sand' tapes until I noticed you already have, so thanks for saving me all that time & effort :-)

DDV said...

More Club Moral & Club Moral related recordings are available at the Club Moral Stocklist podcast.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Found your blog today and I'm already in love :)

If you happen to have more tracks from Le Syndicat and could share them, I would me more than grateful.

Greetings from Finland.