Sunday, February 25, 2007

V/A - Alternative Funk Cassette (Audiologie) 1985

Here is another cassette compilation from France. It is titled "Alternative Funk Vol.1" and is packaged in an odd textured vinyl flap sleeve with a metal stud protruding outwards. Inside the package are eight small blue & white inserts printed on both sides.

Apparently, in 1984 the label Vox Man posted a submissions request for an upcoming 'Alternative Funk' compilation. Of these submissions, those that 'fit the topic in the best way' were released on the compilation LP titled "Alternative Funk - Folie Distinguee". The remaining tracks ended up on two cassette compilations of which this is the first volume.

Does that mean these cassettes are to be considered rejects, or of lesser quality? Allowing these to age 20+ years, I can't say the LP as a whole, which may end up in these archives some day, is any better than the cassette presented here today. In fact, the track I feel has withstood the test of time and music trends is 'Rapide 5' by Phillipe Laurent which is on the cassette. It is another one of those 'proto-techno' tracks that wouldn't be out of place if put on a collection of early Detroit/Warp label techno. There is some sophistication present in his programming that I don't hear on these other tracks, although some of his drum 'fills' have aged horribly.

In the interest of getting more posted today, I won't review the tracks, but I will list all of the participants for those who are curious:

The Happiness Boys, Costes, Diseno Corbusier, Hypnobeat, Pacific 231, Smersh, Asmus Tietchens, Melsjest, Randal Kennedy, BPA, Vox Populi, Suns of Arqa, Bene Gesserit, The Arms of Someone New, Phillipe Laurent, The Living Daylights.


By the way - does anyone have Alternative Funk Vol.2 Cassette for sale/share?

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