Sunday, February 18, 2007

V/A - Assemblee Generale Vol. 4 Cassette (P.P.P. AG 4) 1983

Next up is the 1983 cassette compilation - 'Assemblee Generale Vol. 4' released on the French label P.P.P., limited to 330 copies

The package consists of a small plastic jar containing the cassette and two small booklets. One booklet contains contact & track info while the other includes art submissions from each group.

Contributors include the typical artists that seemed to be on almost every int'l 'industrial' cassette compilation at the time: DDAA, Legendary Pink Dots, Etant Donnes, Die Form, Pseudo Code...

Comparing this collection to others from the same era, this probably isn't up there at the top, but there are some tracks that are worth noting:

Wolfgang Wiggers - 'Slightly Mental': Minimal synth-pop w/ a bit of sax, all performed by Wiggers. The track begins w/ drum machine and synth and where one would usually expect a off-key vocal to eventually ruin the song, Wolfgang's sax floats in and establishes an overall subdued mood. His info indicates a forthcoming solo tape. Anyone know if this was ever released?

La Chorale - 'Leninski Tango': minimal new wave/funk.

Berliner Luft - 'Wannsea': A minimal synth track that could have fit on the Thomas Leer/Robert Rental - 'The Bridge' LP. The group comprised of Pacific 231 & Vox Populi members who also ran the label VP 231.

Beats per Minute - 'Into Pieces': This track starts off with what sounds like Roland 303 lines squelching over live percussion in what can be described as a proto-acid/techno. Yes, there were many other artists using a 303 at the same time, 2-3 years before Phuture's - 'Acid Trax'. Most of what I've heard from this era however, does not resemble what would eventually be commonplace in the Acid/Techno/Trance scene of the late 80's/90's. A little past the midpoint, sparse vocals and live bass re-directs the song for the last minute.

Geso - 'The Nail in My Head': This track reminds me of the music on the Vanity label from Japan (see previous and future posts) which isn't too surprising considering Geso released several cassettes in Japan via the 5th Column label (mid 70's-80's). Lo-fi drum machine, sparse electronics, guitar, bass & vocals. Does anyone have leads for Geso cassettes on 5th Column?



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...P.P.P., or in other words, Ptôse Production Présente, of the band Ptôse. thank you for this great upload.

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