Saturday, February 17, 2007

V/A - Vanity Music Double LP (Vanity 0010/0011) 1981

First up...

The double LP compilation on Vanity titled 'Music'. Some of the music on this compilation also appeared on various cassettes released by Vanity. Depending on feedback & interest, these cassettes may show up here.

The music on this compilation leans on the contemporary German industrial/electronic sounds of the early 80's. I have no additional knowledge of the artists on this release aside from appearances on other Vanity releases. These may or may not consist of artists who released records under other names on the label.

Another good example of this snapshot of music in Japan is the compilation titled 'Foam' which will also be on this site in the near future.

Part 2


mutantsounds said...


mutantsounds said...

Oh did not ever know that Max & Malcolm is Metabolist related!Please if you can upload vinyl copy is in a very bad condition :(,full of scratches and surface noise after my 2 years old daughter caught it in her hands(if you guess wht she's done to it...)

Over The Moon said...

Depending on feedback & interest, these cassettes may show up here.

I would be very, very appreciative of anything on the Vanity label, as well as whatever other excellent obscurities you heartily recommend.

Thank you very much for all of your work and effort into posting. Lots of us appreciate it extremely.

finn said...

Any chance of a track listing for this? No track #s in the id tags ...

Anonymous said...

A1 Pessimist, Sattyuzai
A2 Unable Mirror, HiSchool Pigs
A3 Unable Mirror, Ignorant Animal
A4 MR, 213
A5 Adode-Cathode, of the Passive Voice
B1 Kiiro Radical, Denki Noise Dance
B2 Kiiro Radical, Denki Noise Dance 2
B3 Kiiro Radical, Denki Noise Dance 3
B4 Kiiro Radical, Denki Noise Dance 4
B5 Kiiro Radical, Denki Noise Dance 5
B6 Tokyo, Cassette Tape
C1 Daily Expression, Inka Sanka
C2 Daily Expression, Inka Sanka 2
C3 Plazma Music, Green Brain
C4 Nose, Dolby NR On
D1 New York, 1976
D2 Arbeit, Bundes Nachrichten Dienst
D3 Isolation, Invivo
D4 Necter Low, Artificial One

My best guess.

Anonymous said...

would highly appreciate a re-up!!

Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE re-up this one (and the foam comp)?!?!? Thanks a million for all the other vanity posts & other unrelated! Such a great blog you are running, with a real wealth of musical gems! Made my week!

kyonpalm said...

Hi - would you be so kind as to re-upload this? I can't find it anywhere else... thanks in advance!

Juan said...

ohh about half a decade late to the party but any chance of a re-up on this gem? I have been really falling in love with this label's output